Packaging and Tape Knives from American Edge

American Cutting Edge has proven ourselves in the market time and time again. Packaging Knives require close tolerances and we have the expertise to deal with special requirements that are not visible to the naked eye. We carry stock items on popular brands and manufacture American Cutting Edge brand OEM compatible blades and knives for all packaging machines such as:

  • Form, fill and seal
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Film wrapping
  • Tray forming
  • Carton sealing including tamper-evident

We provide V-tooth, scalloped tooth, serrated tooth, zig-zag, and knife and anvil sets. With our knowledge of special materials and coatings, we can often design a knife that will improve your production. American Cutting Edge offers a comprehensive range of precision ground blades, made from high quality hardened and tempered stainless and carbon steels. All packaging knives are made to the most exacting OEM standards. This enables our customers to obtain the best possible results for their cutting requirements and lowering their overall production costs.

American Cutting Edge offers packaging and form, fill, and seal solutions compatible with the following OEMs:

  • 3M®
  • AllPak®
  • ARPAC®
  • Autowrapper®
  • Bag Pak®
  • Bosch®
  • Cavanna®
  • Conflex®
  • Cryovac®
  • Dekka®
  • Doboy®
  • Eurosicma®
  • Fawema®
  • FMC®
  • Fuji®
  • George Gordon®
  • Gevas®
  • Gloucester®
  • Hayssen®
  • Hansel®
  • Ilipak®
  • Intertape®
  • Klockner®
  • Little David®
  • Loveshaw®
  • Multivac®
  • Molins®
  • Omori®
  • Ossid®
  • Otem®
  • PacMac®
  • Pak Rapid®
  • Pattyn®
  • Record®
  • Redpack®
  • Rose Forgrove®
  • Rovema®
  • Rota Matic®
  • Sandiacre®
  • Sig®
  • Teyopharm®
  • Tipper Tie®
  • Triangle®
  • Ulma®
  • WR Grace®

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