Sharpening Services

Is it time to replace or sharpen your industrial blade or knife? Let American Cutting Edge help you determine whether there’s life left in your knife or if you need a new one!

American Cutting Edge offers professional industrial knife and blade sharpening, refurbishing, and sub-contract grinding services at a level you cannot get from a general machine shop. With over 50-years of knife manufacturing experience, our knowledge of metallurgy and grinding far exceeds that of a general machine shop.

Knife Sharpening and Refurbishing

All sharpening and refurbishing work performed in our shop is completed on professional grinding machinery by the same skilled operators who grind our new knives. Sharpened and refurbished knives are matched to new knife tolerances to ensure that the performance of your knife remains consistent.

Our deep understanding of abrasives allows us to choose the correct combination of wheels and segments for your material to give you a superior cutting edge. It’s easy for companies without this experience and/or the right equipment to burn the steel causing the edges to be brittle. To cover up this mistake, they often take a “clean-up pass” and hope the error isn’t noticeable and that the performance isn’t affected.

Here’s a sample of the knives and blades we sharpen and refurbish:

Our Knife and Blade Assessment Process

All sharpening and refurbishing blade and knife jobs that come into our facility go through the same thorough assessment and a grinding process appropriate for the specific edge needed before they’re returned to you.


Whether it’s vibratory processing, sandblasting, or hand polishing, a clean and stable surface is critical to ensure you get the best sharpening out of the knife.


We thoroughly check every knife for cracks, nicks, and other signs of wear and tear. If we find the knife is too damaged or worn too far to be safely sharpened or perform well, we will contact and let you know the knife is beyond sharpening and repair. In many cases, we’re able to ship replacement knives or blades the same day to help your operation avoid costly downtime.


American Cutting Edges knows how to grind knives that give you a wear-resistant edge that lasts longer. Our wide variety of equipment allows us to sharpen almost anything from shear blades to end mills.


Our turnaround time is usually within 1-2 weeks. Rush orders can be accommodated! Let us know your timing requirements and we’ll let you know what we can do to meet your needs.

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