Plastic Recycling Knives and Blades

We stock thousands of plastic recycling knives including, granulator blades, rotor knives, bed knives, granulator screens, shredder blades, crown cutters, and holders, in hundreds of models of the most common brands used in the United States and Canada. American Cutting Edge is your ultimate source for plastic recycling knives. Search our vast inventory for your part.

ACE offers granulating knives compatible with the following OEMs:




American Cutting Edge also manufactures custom machine knives to your exact drawing specifications and provide you with a comprehensive analytical evaluation of your application to resolve wear or breakage issues. We have over 50 years of experience with high chromium tool steel, high-speed steel, carbide, and titanium carbide composites as well as coatings, bi-metallic and zone harden knives.

If you are processing or grinding plastic, textiles, metal or wood, call us today and let us help you maximize your equipment’s capabilities with longer running cycles and reduced downtime. Recycling is one of the most difficult cutting applications with today’s high-tech composite materials that often cause premature wear or chip the edge of your expensive knives. We can offer solutions to solve your specific problem by offering suggestions to a knife material, cutting edge geometry, surface finish, and enhanced heat treating techniques. American Cutting Edge has assisted thousands of companies in processing recyclables in various forms. Whether your company is simply reprocessing waste products from a production line or a large-scale recycling operation, we can help you achieve your desired goal.

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