Grinding & Machining

American Cutting Edge has been one of the largest industrial grinding facilities in Southwestern Ohio since being founded in 1965 as CB Manufacturing and Sales. Our experienced operators are able to hold dimensions of flat and parallel to .001 inches or better and thickness to +/- .0005 inches.

ACE’s well-maintained equipment includes:

    • Agie Charmile EDM Drill
    • Belt Sander (Brazing)
    • Brazing Station
    • Bridgeport Manual Mill
    • Centroid G50 (3)
    • Chmer Wire EDM (2)
    • Cincinnati Horizontal Manual Mill
    • Cincinnati OD Grinder
    • Delta Grinder
    • Diamond cut-off Saw
    • Dock Plate
    • End Grinder
    • Fadal 4-Axis
    • Fryer 3-Axis
    • Gockel Cylindrical Grinder
    • Gockel G50 (12)
    • Gockel G65 (3)
    • Gockel G65 Flat Chuck
    • Gockel G65 Twin Chuck (2)
    • Haas VF2 3-Axis
    • Haas VF5 4-Axis
    • Haas VF2 4-Axis
    • Haas VF8
    • HyperHoner
    • Induction
    • Landis OD Grinder
    • Mattison Surface Grinder
    • Miltronics CNC Toolroom Lathe
    • Pedestal Grinder
    • Press
    • ProtoTrac Lathe
    • Roll Straightener
    • Seiki VS Manual Mill
    • Sharp Lathe (Slitter)
    • Sharp 2280C Manual Lathe
    • Thomson Surface Grinder
    • Walter 45
    • W1 Walter (6)
    • 10-ton crane

    Our operators are truly craftsmen, with years of experience and knowledge that allows them to meet and exceed our customers’ specifications. Along with a five-day-a-week operation, we also offer pick-up and delivery service within a designated area, allowing us to easily meet tight delivery dates.

    American Cutting Edge has experience with grinding and machining all types of materials including abrasive plate, stainless steels, tungsten carbide, ceramics, beryllium copper, and others.

    When it comes to grinding, ACE has the equipment and experienced craftsman to tackle virtually any job. Contact ACE today and let our experts help you with your knife sharpening and subcontract grinding needs.

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