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Collage of Charlie Biehn founder of CB Manufacturing and historical imagery of American Cutting Edge.

Since 1965...

American Cutting Edge, a division of CB Manufacturing & Sales Co., Inc., is a leading supplier of machine knives and industrial razor blades. Our mission is simple - make cutting effortless for our clients! Founded by Charles Biehn, Sr. in 1965, ACE has been and continues to be committed to removing the hassle involved in industrial cutting. Our mission is to make cutting effortless for our customers. To do this we ask questions about your specific application and then listen. Once we understand what you are trying to accomplish, we provide options that best meet your specific needs. In many cases, the solution is an off-the-shelf item due to our extensive product offering and deep inventory. In other cases, a custom solution is best and when that is the case our highly experienced solution experts will guide you through the process from engineering to product delivery.

Making cutting effortless goes beyond the physical act of cutting. It involves the entire business process - from initial inquiry to fulfillment to proper billing. Our goal is to deliver consistently and flawlessly on the entire business process. When we make a mistake (yes, we are human), we own it and clean it up in manner that makes it easy for you. Time is money and your time is valuable. We get that at ACE so by making cutting effortless you can focus your attention on your other business needs.


To make cutting effortless.


Cutting the way to a better world. We help our clients make their products better and more cost-effective.


Our values aren't some slick marketing slogan. They are real and they reflect who we are at ACE. On a daily basis, they guide our words and actions. We hire by them. We promote by them. And individuals who cannot live our values are asked to work somewhere else. Without our values, each team member is free to define his or her own rules of engagement and that does not lead to effortless.

  • Go home safely every day.
  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching.
  • Carry a positive attitude and get @#$% done.
  • Communicate openly, professionally, and completely.
  • Do what you say you will do.
  • Be curious! Learn, apply, and share.

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