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Since 1965, American Cutting Edge has been a market leader in the design and manufacturing of industrial machine knives and razors. Our extensive product selection provides same-day shipping of a wide array of granulating, pelletizing, food and meat processing, wood chipping, converting, textile and fiber processing, flooring, and steel cutting knives and razors.

When an off-the-shelf solution won’t work for your specific application, American Cutting Edge has the experience and resources to quickly engineer and manufacture custom machine knives and industrial razors. If you can imagine it (and provide us a sketch and dimensions), we can build it.

Need a steel or carbide wear part that is not a blade? Many customers rely on us to build steel wear parts that aren’t knives or razors. As specialists in grinding and machining of large steel parts to precise tolerances, American Cutting Edge is more than just a knife and razor company. We are problem solvers and possess a wide experience base in manufacturing wear parts.

Contact us today and let American Cutting Edge help you solve your industrial machine knife, industrial razor, and tool steel wear part challenge.

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