Steel Processing Knives from American Cutting Edge

American Cutting Edge serves steel plants, metal fabricators, steel service centers, and rolling mills by providing shear blades, slitting knives, rotary tube cut-off knives, edge trimmers, and scrap choppers.

Our team of engineers can assist you with cutting solutions for your specific steel processing requirements using the latest in manufacturing, heat treating, and material selection technology. State-of-the-art heat treating and cryogenics capability are available, which allows us to further enhance the durability of our blades.

We offer a wide range of OEM compatible stock fabricating, slitting, and processing shear blades and wear parts for all the major machines including Cincinnati®, Pacific®, Betenbender®, Accupress®, Niagra®, Iowa Precision®, Red Bud®, Wysong and Miles®, and others. All parts are made to the most exacting standards.

Slitting cutters are manufactured from tool steel and special alloy steel according to the application requirement. We have the ability to produce blades in size up to 600 mm (24 in) diameter. Closer tolerances and special surface finishes are also possible.

We offer shear blades to shear up to 32mm thick material in cold applications and our hot shear blades can work up to 1000°C. Apart from straight blades, we offer blades for different profiles, angle/T-sections, bars and wire rod mills. We are capable of manufacturing shear blades up to 4400 mm in a single segment.

Our work rolls are manufactured to close dimensional tolerances with complete concentricity having sufficient strength, surface quality and wear resistance required for cold rolling operations.

Contact your American Cutting Edge knife specialist today to learn how can help you improve your profits by decreasing your processing costs.

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