Stump Teeth - American Cutting Edge

American Cutting Edge brand stump grinder replacement teeth are specifically engineered to meet the specifications of OEM brands including Vermeer® and Rayco® just to name a few. Our exceptional A8 heat-treated steel is modified to last longer and cut sharper.

Available by the individual tooth or convenient kits, ACE brand replacement stump teeth are made from A8 heat-treated steel that is modified to last longer and cut sharper.

Our stump grinder teeth kits help keep your replacement stump teeth in one location when you need them. Get superior quality with more convenience, inventory availability, and better pricing over the OEM. ACE Pro Kits offer:

  • 24 Stump Teeth
  • Available in sizes compatible with 1100, 900, and 700 series teeth
  • Includes tube of anti-seize
  • Convenient packaging
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