Tire Recycling - American Cutting Edge

Recycling tires is one of the most costly forms of recycling due to the bulky shape and toughness of tires. Additionally, shredders used to process scrap tires are among the most expensive recycling equipment to purchase and maintain. These costs along with local and state government regulations, transportation costs and other factors weight heavily on the bottom line of processors, making it difficult for tire recyclers to realize profit.

Columbus McKinnonAmerican Cutting Edge understands the challenges tire recyclers face and support these operations with high quality wear resistant replacement parts and grinding services.

Our focus is not only support of the industry, but the development of superior products to assist tire recyclers in meeting and exceeding performance goals.

American Cutting Edge maintains a large inventory of high alloy, high wear resistant replacement knives and wear parts designed to increase the performance of your Columbus McKinnon, Eldan, or MTB shredder reducing your operating cost.

Our sharpening services supports such brands as Columbus McKinnon, Eldan, Predator and Granutech equipment and many other makes and models with short lead times at competitive prices.

Please contact us and speak to one of our Sales Representatives to find how we can help boost your profitability.