Shear slitting knives for paper, films, foils, and non-wovens have been widely used for many decades and has proven itself as a staple in the converting industry. American Cutting Edge offers a comprehensive range of precision ground slitting knives and blades. ACE brand blades are made to match or exceed OEM standards; paying close attention to important features such as surface finish and concentricity. This enables you to obtain the best possible results for your cutting and slitting operations at a lower cost than the OEM.

We offer the following shear slitter solutions:

We offer blades featuring the following materials and coatings:

  • Tool steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Powedered metals
  • Tungsten carbide
  • Zirconia ceramic
  • TiN - Titanium nitride
  • TiC - Titanium carbide
  • Ceramic

Whether you are shear cutting, crush cutting, burst slitting, or cutting cores, we can help. Our team includes product and application specialists who can provide you with cost-effective solutions for your industrial cutting applications. Our goal is to help you become more productive and efficient by suggesting changes in knife materials and edge geometries.

We can also custom make blades to your specifications! Click here to request a quote.

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