CB Manufacturing is now American Cutting Edge

CB Manufacturing is American Cutting Edge

For over 50 years, CB Manufacturing and Sales Company has been providing industrial machine knives to a wide variety of industrial markets across North America. In addition to our high quality knives and blades, we are also well-known for our precision metal grinding services. To better reflect our core focus – industrial cutting – and to simplify our corporate structure, CB Manufacturing and Sales Company is now going to market as American Cutting Edge.

Founded as CB Manufacturing and Sales Company Inc. by Charlie Biehn in 1965, American Cutting Edge remains committed to our core belief that the customer comes first. Our mission “to relentlessly serve our customers” by providing best-in-class customer service and unparalleled quality in both our products and services is unwavering – just like Charlie’s commitment to his customers was. This philosophy on how to do business right was passed down from Charlie to his son Chuck Biehn, who serves as American Cutting Edge’s CEO to this day. Chuck is proud of his father’s legacy and is driven to strengthen American Cutting Edge’s commitment to our customers.

While the CB name has changed, the quality of our products and capabilities have not. We are still a leading manufacturer of industrial machine knives and industrial razors with a very broad offering of solutions and millions of dollars of inventory. We are experts at precision grinding metal – from tools steels to exotic alloys. Our services still include Mattison grinding, Blanchard grinding, CNC machining, heat treating, and knife sharpening. We are able to handle material lengths up to 240 inches and hold critical tolerances within +/-0.002. Our expert knowledge of metallurgy and material removal processes ensures we deliver to our customers’ specifications without fail.

Let CB Manufacturing, now American Cutting Edge, help you with your industrial machine knife, industrial razor, or metal grinding needs. Contact us today at 1-888-543-6860 or via our online form for more information or a quote. Just like Charlie, we are here to relentlessly serve our customers.

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