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Precision Razor Blades
No one does precision like Germany, and no one stocks more German precision blades than American Cutting Edge. We are committed to the lasting performance of your blades and knives for every manufacturing environment. Rely on American Cutting Edge for precise, long lasting blades for all your industrial needs. Call our sales team for more information.


Depending on the material to be ground, CB Manufacturing’s experienced operators are able to hold dimensions of flat and parallel to .001 or better and thickness to +/- .0005.  Their operators are truly craftsmen, with years of experience and knowledge that allows them to meet and exceed customers’ specifications.  They are experienced with grinding and machining of all types of materials including carbon steels, tool steels,  abrasive plate, stainless steels, tungsten carbide, ceramics, beryllium copper, aluminum and others.

CB Manufacturing’s Mattison 108 is the largest vertical spindle rotary grinder east of the Mississippi and one of only three in all the United States. This particular machine has size capabilities of 126″ in diameter and 52″ tall, as well as a weight capacity of up to 10 tons!

For more information about CB Manufacturing’s grinding capabilities as well as our other abilities such as machining and sharpening visit our services page on CB Manufacturing’s website. 

Cryogenic Treatment

CB Manufacturing and Certified Heat Treating, Inc. offer Deep Cryogenic Treatment of knives, blades, and other industrial tools, in our in house microprocessor controlled, cryogenic chamber.

During heat treating, steel’s micro-structure transforms from austenite to martensite, which makes the steel much more wear resistant. However, some small pockets of austenite may not transform and this does not allow the knives to perform as well as they can. Deep Cryogenic processing helps change retained austenite to martensite, completing the transformation process.

Our Deep Cryogenic processing is different from conventional cryogenic processing and requires cooling the parts to more than 300° below zero compared to about 120° for conventional cryogenic processing. This process includes cooling the parts at a programmed rate, soaking the parts for up to thirty-six hours, and then an additional tempering operation to relieve any stress that may remain. We combine Deep Cryogenic processing with our state of the art Vacuum Heat Treating capability to offer unmatched metal treating and the best performance possible from your knives and tools. For more information about our Cryogenic Treatment, or any of our other heat treating capabilities visit Certified Heat Treating, Inc’s website