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Product Spotlight

Carbide Inlaid Pelletizer

455-E509Inlay is a new pelletizer that American Cutting Edge will be offering. It has a carbide Inlay that will ensure greater blade life and cleaner cuts. This means more run time and less down time due to blade changes. Click here for more information regarding our pelletizer line.

Fish Processing Knife


260-0585006Cryo is American Cutting Edge’s 58″ knife used in fish processing.  This knife is manufactured at CB’s Dayton, Ohio facility and has been a top seller in the food processing division for the past 10 years, a true showcase piece. OEM quality at factory direct pricing adds nothing but dollars to your company’s bottom line. For more information about our fish processing line, click here!

Carbon Steel Skinner Blade


R-203502MOD is a carbon steel skinner blade offered by American Cutting Edge. Savvy consumers are switching to carbon steel skinning blades. The higher carbon content and higher hardness provide an unrivaled edge that cuts better and lasts longer, and for a lower price! With blades being changed out every 2, 4 or 8 hours at least, concerns about corrosion are irrelevant. Why waste money? Pay less for more blade!  Click here to learn more about our skinner blades.

Tungsten Carbide Medical Blades


Tungsten carbide blades! More Medical Device Manufacturers are coming on board with American Cutting Edge to use one of the variety of Tungsten carbide blades carried.  These blades are not only providing increased lifetime for the manufacturing lines but are also giving the precision cut needed for this line of products. Click here to learn more about our medical blades.

Wood Chipper Knives


American Cutting Edge offers a comprehensive range of precision ground wood chipper knives made from high quality hardened and tempered stainless and carbon steels. All Knives are made to the most exacting OEM standards. For more information click here to request a quote.

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