New Machinery - American Cutting Edge

CB Manufacturing’s Factory has recently been upgraded with three new machines.

Reform GrinderThe first addition, a German-Made Reform Vertical Surface Grinder, has a 236” x 19.7” magnetic table and a 120 HP spindle motor. The machine is completely computer controlled using a Marposs system that will make the grinding process extremely automated, greatly reducing the chance for human error and increasing productivity. With the new addition, CB will be capable of holding finishing tolerances of +/- .0005 with much greater output than with conventional grinders.

Chevalier GrinderThe second addition is a Chevalier Grinder. This machine has a 16” X 40” chuck and is accurate to within .0002” across the entire chuck. It has incremental down feed of .00005” and we can set what size to finish and how many spark out passes to take. Its ball bearing ways verse one V and one flat way allow us to hold tighter tolerances. Plus it has a CBN, diamond wheel dresser that will improve productivity. This new grinder gives us even greater grinding and sharpening capabilities. We are very excited to welcome this piece of machinery to our fleet of grinders.

Kitamura HorizontalOur newest machine is a Kitamura Horizontal Machining Center.  This piece will machine parts up to 24″ in length with unbeatable accuracy, repeatability and speed.  This is an extremely reliable and quality made machine.

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