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American Cutting Edge’s goal is not to be your vendor but more importantly to be your partner. Our mission is to decrease your pelletizing production costs while also offering a cost competitive knife. With¬†50¬†years of experience, we can use a simple formula to achieve lower production costs. Understanding your application + American Cutting Edge customized blades = superior performance/production savings.

Water-Ring Pelletizer BladesUnderwater Pelletizer
Large Underwater Pelletizer Blades
Extrusion Cut-Off


  • Free consultation and analysis
  • Risk free trial orders
  • Extensive research and development
  • Experienced and devoted staff
  • OEM identification of underwater, water-ring, hot cut system and strand pelletizer blades.
  • Lab tests and detailed report
  • Stocking over $3,000,000 in industry standard blades for immediate delivery


  • Solid or bimetal knives in tool, stainless, powder, carbide, ceramic & other alloys
  • Underwater pelletizer knives such as Coperion, Farrel, JSW, Kobe and etc
  • Water-ring pelletizer knives such as Beringer (Xaloy), BKG, Erema, Gala & etc
  • Strand pelletizer knives such as Automatik, Conair, Cumberland & etc
  • Hot cut knives such as Baker Perkins, Black Clawson, Buss Condux & etc