Meat Processing - American Cutting Edge

Meat Processing

Most of us do not live on a farm, nor do we fully process our own food. We leave this to the professionals. The professionals need professional meat processing blades. With blades like Townsend, FoodCraft, Globe, Hobart, Weber, Natec, Pappas, InjectStar, Anco, Gamco, Weiler, Wolfking/CFS, Bizzerba, Dixie Union, AEW Thurne, Baader, Maja, Jarvis, Pearce, and many more*…, we are the company that you’ve been looking for to meet your blade needs.

Some of our primary markets include:

  • Beef & Pork
    • Emulsification & Grinding Inserts, Plates, and Holders
    • Bowl Choppers
    • Specialty Knives and Blades
    • Skinners & Derinders
  • Poultry
    • Circular
    • Micro-serrated
    • Scalloped
    • Toothed
    • Slotted
    • Celanese
    • Custom
  • Fish
    • Circular
    • Straight
    • Custom

*American Cutting Edge is not an authorized dealer nor has any relation to the fore mentioned OEM dealers. Townsend is a registered trademark of Marel Meat Processing Inc. Gamco is a registered trademark of Marel Stork Poultry Processing Inc.