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Wood ChippingWood Chipping Knives:

American Cutting Edge manufactures the most popular wood chipping knives to OEM specifications including Bandit, Vermeer, Morbark, Rayco, Wood Chuck and others. Our vast manufacturing capabilities offer a distinctive advantage to provide chipper knives of exceptional quality and competitive pricing.  All of our wood chipper knives are built with high quality chipper steel with 8% Chromium and closely inspected heat treat for maximum wear-ability and strength.

Veneer Knives:

Used in wood mills, American Cutting Edge manufactures veneer slicers, peelers, groovers, and flakers up to a maximum length of 240″ of the best steel for premium cutting, wear resistance, and prevention of staining of wood.

Wood Working Knives:

From drill bits, molding knives, planers, and industry specific, American Cutting Edge provides quality manufactured wood knives in various materials including D2, M2, Modified A8 and carbide. If we do not stock them, we can manufacture them.