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Razor Supplier

When you are looking for a razor supplier, we are simply the best choice.  We have been producing many types of blades since 1965 and have developed the processes to make blades that truly satisfy our customer’s needs.  We know that you need quick service, high quality all at an economical price.  We are experts at making blades last longer and look to not just offer the lowest cost blade, but also blades that will cut your costs.

Razor blades are the sharpest cutting instruments in the world and it is important to give not just good quality, but consistent quality.  Many companies can make a handful of blades correctly, but we pride ourselves on our systems that enable us to make good quality razor blades while producing tens of thousands of pieces.  This also enables us to keep prices low, something imperative in these financial times.  You may need: industrial hand knives, machine knives, professional contracting tools or a blade to go in your OEM product; we can do them all!

Our machines are specially made just for the manufacturing of high quality blades and much of it is CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled).  We can strip grind blades to lower costs for our customers and also own standard machine knife grinders to get you the right blade. We even have partner factories that we control in lower cost countries that enable us to do hand grinding on blades for an economical price.

We presently make knives and blades from: 300 and 400 series Stainless Steel, 1095 Carbon Steel, M42 High Speed Steel, Solid Tungsten Carbide, Zirconium Ceramics as well as many coatings such as Tin, TiC and Boron Carbide.  We also operate our own commercial heat-treating company and thus are experts at this important step in the manufacturing process.  After material selection, nothing is more important to blade life than proper heat-treating.

At American Cutting Edge, the customer comes first and we have the expertise to help you design your blades.  We can provide small lots of blades using our in-house wire EDM and laser machines to enable you to try them out.  We specialize in not just making knives to your specifications; we also know they must do the job!

We believe we have the largest inventory of blades in the world and make sure that every order from stock ships the same day.  We are adding inventory all the time.  We now stock blades for cutting fiber, roofing, mat board, rubber, plastics, packaging, extruded tubes, film, food, fiber, foil, skinning meat, construction, poultry, as well as many other blades that go into OEM devices.  Our motto of “Easy to do business with” means we give you the service you need to enable fast shipment.