July 31, 2014 - American Cutting Edge

Made in America!


Made in America!
American Cutting Edge, a Division of CB Manufacturing has been in the knife industry for almost 50 years. Throughout this time we have grown from a one man operation to an industry leader in cutting solutions. Many of these cutting solutions are manufactured right here in Dayton, Ohio! At our Miamisburg campus, we have a large spacious factory with 40+ skilled workers and counting. Our team of knowledgeable machine operators is made up of many generations of workers, from our veterans to our rookies, everyone in the factory comes together to get each and every job done right. American Cutting Edge is proud of our Made in America products and our ability to develop manufacturing opportunities right here in Ohio.

American Cutting Edge Acquires Industrial Blade Division from Superion

American Cutting Edge, a division of CB Manufacturing & Sales Co., Inc., is pleased to announce the acquisition of the industrial blade product line from Superion, Inc., of Xenia, Ohio.  The purchase includes both the assets used to manufacture blades as well as the intellectual property surrounding the product line.

American Cutting Edge is the leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of steel and tungsten carbide industrial blades worldwide.  Superion has been one of the foremost manufacturers of Solid Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic Razor Blades, premium and long-lasting blades used to cut or convert materials such as foil, film, paper, textiles, and other resistant materials, as well as the innovator of the proprietary resharpening process that allows multiple reuses of their blades.

This purchase will allow Superion, Inc. to concentrate on their primary line, which is the manufacture and sell of precision cutting tools for metalworking.  The addition of the Solid Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic Industrial Blades to the American Cutting Edge brand will allow American Cutting Edge to continue to offer their customers the newest and best technology for their material converting needs.

Chuck Biehn, president of American Cutting Edge is positive about the acquisition:  “There is a long history of partnership and synergy between our two companies and we are excited that we have come to an agreement that will allow both companies to do what we love and do the best.  Superion will be able to focus all their skills and talents on providing precision metal cutting tools internationally and American Cutting Edge will expand our global product offering with advanced technology that will benefit our customers with extended blade life and reduced overall costs.”

The purchase was finalized June 27, 2014.

American Cutting Edge’s parent company, CB Manufacturing & Sales Co., Inc. is owned by the Biehn Family and provides industrial machine knives and razor blades worldwide, as well as contract surface and EDM services throughout the Midwest.  They also own Certified Heat Treating Incorporated, whose West Carrollton and Springfield facilities provide metal processing services to customers in a five state region.  CB Manufacturing & Sales was established in 1965 by Charlie Biehn Sr., and will proudly celebrate 50 years of business in 2015.

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